Angelina Jolie Stretch Marks

Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie - her name is synonymous with ethereal beauty, sultry sophistication and feline sensuality. Most would consider her an actress of superb talent, the lucky wife of Brad Pitt and the mother of a beautiful multicultural tribe of children.

But few would believe that Angelina Jolie has stretch marks.

The marks, which followed the births of her daughter Shiloh and most recently, her beautiful wins, were quickly followed by bouts of postpartum depression, also known as the "baby blues".

Now known to be a real medical condition, there can be chemical as well as emotional reasons for the depression—and dealing with the prospect of removing of stretch marks certainly doesn’t help.

Men may think it is silly that women fret over such things, but when they are salivating over the latest air brushed pictures of Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Christina Acquilera, or any of the sexy new mom celebs, they are not exactly helping things.

Angelina Jolie Pregnant Pictures

Angelina Jolie pregnant Brad Pitt Motherhood can be a mixed bag of emotions for ladies, primarily because there is so much emphasis placed on feminine beauty. Men get to grow old and become distinguished gentlemen and bachelors, even as their hair thins and grays and their waists get wider. Women on the other hand become spinsters and old maids the second they get a wrinkle.

As much as woman like Angelina Jolie may adore their children, the fact remains that stretch marks and changing body shapes may hallmark the end of an era where we turn heads and men chase us to the elevator to get our phone numbers.

Even a woman as beautiful as Jolie, or maybe, especially a woman as beautiful as Jolie, may look at the skin striations and see them as a road mark for a changing ideal of who and what she is, as she enters a new phase in life.

These phases most often come with both joy and fear, which can, yes cause depression. Add a hormone on top of it all, and it's amazing men stay around long enough to change a diaper, let alone help us raise our kids.

How does Angelina Jolie get rid of Stretch Marks?

Angelina Jolie pregnant with children Luckily, there are numerous beauty treatments on the market that can aid women in getting as close tot heir pre-pregnancy bodies as they can get. Stretch mark creams can minimize if not altogether get rid of stretch marks for good.

Stretch mark cream may not be a genie in a bottle, but it can help get rid of at least one major worry.

Women will always struggle with balancing the joy of bringing a new life into the world and the fear and anxiety that comes with not only the role of mother, but our physical transition from lovely young girl to mature sexy older woman.

top rated productThat transition may or may not come with stretch marks, but it is nice to know that there are stretch mark removal products to combat womankind's oldest skin enemy, which in turn can help heal both the body and the mind.