Removing Stretch Marks


Unsightly stretch marks can be embarrassing. Whether you obtained them from pregnancy, weigh lifting, or simply from growing up, their appearance can leave you feeling self conscious and at a loss of what to do.

Manufacturers realize this, which is why there is a bevy of products out there that are supposedly successful at removing stretch marks. Finding which stretch mark cream may be right for you is a matter of reading stretch mark cream reviews

Of course, the best way to find out about removing stretch marks is to ask people who were successful in removing stretch marks what their secret was.

Removing Stretch Marks from Pregnancy

For instance, a mother who has had a child, or even numerous children, that doesn't have any stretch marks is a great person to ask. Normally, these women use a combination of stretch mark creams and exercise to combat this common pregnancy related problem. 75 - 90 % of expectant mothers develop stretch marks during pregnancy.

Removing Stretch Marks from Body Building

For body builders, removing stretch marks can be a bit more complicated. This is because stretch marks are generally located all over the body, specifically, anywhere increased muscle mass has occurred. Stretch marks can appear on arms, legs, backs, and shoulders and even around the neck area.

Removing Stretch Marks with Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch mark creams with Retin-A in them may help soften and reduce a body builders skin striae, but will not remove them permanently. Stronger ingredients for removing stertch marks are needed. For a body builder, prevention is the best defense, not simply making attempts at removing stretch marks once they have happened. Also, attempting to gradually increase muscle mass as opposed to achieving huge muscle gain all at once may also minimize stretch marks.

Stretch mark creams with Siegesbeckia orientalis prevent stretch marks by regularily regenerating collagen. If you're pregnant, check with your doctor before putting anything on your body. For removing stretch marks post-partum, visit our stretch mark reviews.

Is Surgery a Good Option for Removing Stretch Marks?

Stretch Mark Cream Of course, the most heralded and costly method for removing stretch marks is via the use of a laser. The problem is, the cost leaves this solution out of the realm of most people, as the treatment can start at $2,000, and more than one round of treatments may have to be used to produce real results. However, your stretch marks should be recent, as laser surgery in most effective on red or purple stretch marks. Also, laser surgery for stretch marks is not as effective for people with a tan or naturally dark skin will.

If you have the money, and it bothers you enough, look into financing for the laser procedure. Just make sure that you check into al the potential risks, and that the doctor you enlist is board certified.

Removing Stretch Marks: Final Word

Removing stretch marks can be done, but for those with a budget, stretch mark creams with potent peptides and trusted botanicals is the best way to get rid of their stretch marks.