Stretch Mark Cream


Stretch marks, or striae, are generally thought to be a major concern of women during pregnancy, but anyone can develop these deeply furrowed scar tissues. This is why body builders, adolescents who experience sudden growth spurts, and people who have gained a ton of weight rather rapidly may use a stretch mark cream.

Stretch Mark Cream - will it work for everyone?

Yes. This is because no matter the reason, the main causes behind stretch marks remain the same, namely, the skins inability to stretch with the rate of growth of a certain part of the body. Therefore, the best stretch mark creams will work for all types of stretch marks.

It is best to look at stretch marks with an eye for preventing stretch marks from occurring in the first place. For example, a body building regimen may have to include slathering a high quality stretch mark cream on arms and legs prior to starting a muscle-building regimen. The proper stretch mark cream will be able to prevent any potential striae.

Likewise, a mother-to-be should use a doctor-recommended, safe cream on her belly as soon as she realizes she is pregnant. This will help her not only prevent stretch marks, but make any resulting stretch marks she has after delivery heal up even faster.

Stretch Mark Cream - how to chose one

Because so many women (and men) develop stretch marks, this is a big industry with lots of choices for stretch mark creams, so make sure you look for one with top quality ingredients. Make sure the stretch mark cream has effective ingredients like powerful peptides or Siegesbeckia orientalis to repair the collagen matrix and is not just an over-priced lotion. Tried and true botanicals like aloe vera and cocoa butter are always prized for their moisturizing and healing properties. Read best stretch mark cream reviews and see how the top stretch mark creams compare.

Stretch Mark Cream - Final Word

Stretch Mark Cream A caveat – if a woman is pregnant or nursing, she has to be very careful of using a stretch mark cream with a steroid in it. If you are pregnant or nursing and concerned about stretch marks, ask your doctor before using anything on your stomach.

Although significant studies haven't been done on the subject, your first priority should be to your unborn child's health. Seriously, when it comes to using a stretch mark cream, and the health of your child, it is far better to be safe than sorry.

That said, an effective stretch mark cream can be a generally safe way get rid of or greatly minimize unsightly stretch marks for anyone who wishes to change their skin condition for the better.