How Brooke Burke Beat Stretch Marks

Brooke Burke DWTS Every woman in America who watches DANCING WITH THE STARS is asking themselves the same thing.  How did Brooke Burke, a lovely lady with four kids, manage to escape getting stretch marks!

Some of us will cynically state that a woman who has the money to hire a ton of trainers and nannies can easily whip her body into shape after a child.

While this may be true, stretch marks themselves are not so easy to tame, even with lasers or over the counter stretch mark cream.

In fact, there are many things a woman can do right during her pregnancy and still get stretch marks.

No, there was something else, some other aid that helped the beautiful and lively DWTS beauty keep her body stretch mark free even after four children.

What was it?

Brooke Burke Dancing With the Stars

Brooke Burke DancingFirst things first. 

When it comes to DANCING WITH THE STARS JUDGES, Burke can do no wrong, in fact, one re-cap blog noted:

“The judges loved Brooke Burke and Derek Hough’s cha-cha, scoring it a 23/30, the highest total of the night.  I wondered that they were a bit distracted by how amazing her body is, particularly when you factor in that she had her fourth child just six months ago.”

This statement may inspire more than a few bouts of venomous envy, but the fact is, if we do a bit of research, any woman can have a stretch mark free, post pregnancy body.


By looking into stretch marks creams that work, like Revitagen.

Brooke Burke Pregnancy

Brooke Burke pregnant 2007 Brooke did what many non-celebrity women do to prevent stretch marks.  She exercised in moderation during her pregnancy, ate well, and used stretch mark creams like the very popular and proven Revitagen to prevent skin striae.

Just what is Revitagen?

Revitagen is a revolutionary cream containing a proprietary blend of peptides and botanicals that have been clinically proven to prevent stretch marks.  Some users report a dramatic reduction in the appearance of stretch marks in as little as 4 weeks!

Why doesn’t Brook Burke have stretch marks?

top rated productBrooke doesn’t have stretch marks because she took preventative steps to avoid them.
You don’t have to be rich to do what Brooke did; in fact, Revitagen stretch mark creams are available to any woman in America—and at a super low price.

Even if you already have post-pregnancy stretch marks you can use Revitagen to get rid of them!
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