Stretch Marks


Technically known as striae distensae,stretch marks can range from tiny lines of demarcation to overwhelming discolorations and indentations that can have a huge effect on the self-esteem of the person who has them.

Common causes of stretch marks

Stretch marks are striations, channels and grooves on the exterior walls of the skin that occur when the skin stretches over a part of the body that is growing too fast. The skin needs time to shrink and to grow, so if it expands too quickly, the elastic fibers that bind the skin (elastin and collagen) tear and form of stretch marks. Pregnancy, obesity, bodybuilding, or the overuse of medicinal steroid hormones can all cause stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Prevention

One may also prevent stretch marks by using a stretch mark cream prior to starting a bodybuilding regimen or early in pregnancy. Studies have shown that women who used a stretch mark cream daily were able to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. (Get your doctor’s permission).

Removing Stretch Marks

There are many options for removing stretch marks, ranging from a $20 tube of stretch mark cream to thousands of dollars for surgery.

Surgery to Remove Stretch Marks

The Tummy Tuck removes stretch marks along with excess abdominal fat, but this surgery to remove stretch marks has a high price tag and risks as well.

Laser Surgery for Stretch Marks

Laser surgery is a less invasive option, but carries a $5,000 - $10,000 price tag. Laser surgery for stretch marks may only work on new striae stretch mark scars, and is most effective on people with light colored skin.

Micro Dermabrasion for Stretch Marks

Micro dermabrasion for stretch marks is a new procedure that may seem to offer a higher-tech way to remove stretch marks than by using a stretch mark cream. However, one must undergo a dozen procedures over 6 - 9 months, at $75 to $200 per treatment.

Stretch Mark Cream

For centuries, people have looked to stretch mark cream to prevent stretch marks or erase the scar damage caused to rapdily expanding skin. Stretch mark creams have many different ingredients, ranging from simple botanicals to cutting-edge powerful collagen repairing peptides. This non-invasive, low cost option is certainly something to consider before undergoing the expensive procedures above.

Key Ingredients in Stretch Mark Creams

Ingredients in older formulas are collagen and elastin. These things both exist in skin already, and since stretch marks are caused by a loss of these two important properties, replenishing them can't hurt. Newer formulas have potent peptide combinations that allow for better penetration into the skin. Newer stretch mark creams ingredients also include Retinyl Palmitate, which encourages cell renewal without the sun-sensitivity side effects of older formulations containing retinol and retinoic acid.

Best Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch Mark Cream Many stretch mark cream manufacturers will claim that they have the best stretch mark cream around; do independent research prior to any purchase. As with any consumer purchase, don't be lured in by fantastic claims. Thoroughly research the stretch mark cream, and check out our best stretch mark cream reviews.

By arming yourself with knowledge, you can find a stretch mark cream to minimize stretch marks or prevent new ones, aiding you in feeling better about yourself!