Reviews of Best Stretch Mark Creams


Because stretch marks are such a common complaint, there are literally dozens of stretch mark creams and other products on the market. Making the right decision can take time and cost a lot of money.

The purpose of these reviews is to provide you with more information than what it says on the box. We’ve taken a long look at every stretch mark cream we could get our hands on. We polled our visitors to discover which stretch mark creams worked best for them. In the end we came out with a clear winner, a best stretch mark cream.

The reviews of all the stretch mark creams we examined are archived on this site for your reference. If you can’t find the best stretch mark cream at the department store or online, you can still make an educated decision on which stretch mark cream to choose.

General tips for choosing the best stretch mark creams

Focus on the ingredients. Many stretch mark creams are little more than hand lotion in an attractive package. Make sure you are getting ingredients that stimulate collagen production in the skin (peptides fall into this category). These ingredients address the core issue causing stretch marks.

In addition, we’ve found that products containing sigesbeckia orientalis seem to work best. Sigesbeckia helps to restore collagen and smooth away imperfections in the skin.

Stretch Mark Cream Reviews