Stretch Mark Removal

. Stretch marks can be the bane of existence for any mother, weight lifter, or growing teen. This is because these individuals most commonly experience the irregular, deep grooves within the skin, known as striae. Their appearance and their stubborn refusal to go away can make many people desperate for real solutions.

Stretch Mark Removal Methods

With the right technique for you, stretch mark removal is possible!

Stretch Mark Removal by Laser Surgery

Laser surgery for stretch marks is one of the hottest ways to achieve stretch mark removal, but even this expensive surgery isn't 100 percent guaranteed. Depending on the severity of your striae, you may want to invest in this costly method of stretch mark removal. There is little to no downtime as it is virtually painless. How does it work? The laser helps to regenerate the lost elastin in your skin, making stretch mark removal a reality. Nine times out of ten, the only thing you'll have to do is put on stretch mark cream, before and after surgery. Could be well worth the expense if the stretch marks are bad enough and you have the cash. However, laser surgery for stretch marks removal method is only effective on people with fair skin and new, red or purple, stretch marks.

Creams for Stretch Mark Removal

The vitamin A derivative Retinyl palmitate causes a constriction of the red blood vessels in the area, which can whiten stretch marks and make them harder to see. Best stretch mark creams contain powerful peptides and other potent ingredients to remove stretch marks by repairing the collagen matrix. Many stretch mark creams also contain botanicals that heal and soothe the skin.

Natural Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch Mark Cream Ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E , and cocoa and shea butter may not affect stretch mark removal, but they can reduce redness often associated with the striae marks and make them less visible.

Stretch Mark Removal – Final Word

The route you wish to take for stretch mark removal is up to you, but learn your options, and do what works best for you. Read on to find the best stretch mark cream for you.