Bodybuilding Stretch Marks


When people think stretch marks, they think of pregnancy, but the truth is, anyone can get them.

Take for instance, body builders. Men and women who lift weights tend to gain muscle mass very rapidly, which damages collagen, causing the skin to pull and tear. When this happens, body building stretch marks can occur.

These unsightly striae are usually located under the builder's arms; especially in the pec/delt area where the upper chest and front shoulder muscles meet. This is because the muscles grow fastest in this area.

Bodybuilding stretch marks can also happen around the buttocks, calves and thighs of a serious weight lifter. This can be particularly bothersome for those who are training for shows and competition as judges can be prejudiced by the look of undesirable marks.

Preventing Stretch Marks from Bodybuilding

There are some time-honored approaches that can work for preventing these types of bodybuilding stretch marks. Eating a diet high in minerals and vitamin C can help you stave off stretch marks. If you pair good nutrition with a pregnancy related stretch mark cream (these do work!), you can also double your chances of keeping them at bay.

If after carefully observing your diet and using vitamins the bodybuilding stretch marks still occur, aggressively seek stretch mark creams that are marketed for women because there aren't any stretch mark creams are made for body builders alone.

Remove Bodybuilding Stretch Marks

Stretch Mark Cream Your best bet is to locate a woman who has had several kids and managed to keep her skin in tiptop shape—with a little prodding, you can probably get her to reveal her secret. The good news is, many of these stretch mark creams do work to get rid of stretch marks!

Stretch marks from bodybuilding may be par for the course, but you don't have to live with them. If prevention didn't totally eradicate them, there is a barrage of products available today that can help you erase stretch marks, allowing your newfound sculptured body to look its absolute best.