Retinyl Palmitate


Retinyl palmitate is an effective antioxidant that is the result of retinol and palmitic acid combined. Not only is it a great antioxidant but it also works as an excellent skin cell regulator. Retinyl palmitate is the pre-formed version of vitamin A that is transformed into retinol when absorbed by the skin. The retinol is then converted into retinoic acid which weakens the bond of follicular cells and stimulates mitotic activity.

Historical Uses of Retinyl Palmitate

Retinyl Palmitate has been widely used to help improve the flow of blood to the dermis (a deep skin layer) while increasing cellular production in the epidermis (outermost skin layer). All this is accomplished while retinyl palmitate effectively smoothes the skin's surface. It has also been known to help defeat cancerous cells, retard tumor growth and prevent the division and spread of leukemia cells. In addition, retinyl palmitate is praised by many as an effective immune system booster as it helps the body ward off infections from viruses and bacteria.

Retinyl Palmitate's Effectiveness in Stretch Mark Cream

When incorporated into a stretch mark cream [cream], retinyl palmitate has some amazing effects. Because it's a retinoid, the skin cells easily metabolize this substance and convert it into retinoic acid. This acid has a direct influence on the skin and enhances the skin's metabolic rate. This means cells are divided and renewed at a much more rapid rate. Retinyl palmitate soothes the skin and encourages the division and renewal of cells by increasing the skin's metabolic rate. This further translates into smoother, younger looking skin.

Safety of Retinyl Palmitate

Because it's a more stable version of retinol, retinyl palmitate is much safer than topical retinoic acid. The retinol in retinyl palmitate is generally encapsulated in time-released particles so as to promote optimal penetration into the skin.

Retinyl Palmitate: Final Word

Retinyl Palmitate is easily absorbed by the skin and converted to Vitamin A, so it's one of the safest and most effective ingredients for removing wrinkles, getting rid of stretch marks and promoting smoother skin. Plus, it produces the same results of topical retinoic acid without bothersome photosensitivity and severe irritation.